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Merry Christmas folks !

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  • Merry Christmas folks !

    Since Im not going to stop by here tomorrow I want to wish every one here a merry christmas. I know lots of you celebrate christmas in two days, but here in Norway we celebrate it on christmas eve(friday).

    This site is great and I really aprreciate all the info and support you all supply in the time of waiting, wich I think is the worst.

    I'd hope I'd get some good news about the cancer before christmas, but instead I get no news at all. The promised test results within two weeks has not yet come(its been 2 1/2 weeks), nor the results of the CT scan. And the doctors in the Cancer department don't call me, the receptionist just tells me to call back next week if no one calls. Looks like everybody is on a christmas break, just too bad that cancer does not take christmas breaks )

    But anyways, I hope you all will enjoy christmas, I now I will