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My daughter's fundraising birthday party

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  • My daughter's fundraising birthday party

    On Saturday night, my daughter and three of her friends had a "common" 13th birthday party. They had been planning it for months, and had on their own decided to ask that their friends not bring presents, but instead bring a donation to the American Cancer Society. I didn't know anything about this before the party. But I was a bit surprised when nearly 100 of their friends showed up bearing cash and checks. My daughter came up to me, gave me a hug, and said that they had done it for me.

    I guess I have been more emotional since my diagnosis, but when she told me that, I completely lost it. Those four 13-year old girls raised nearly $1,900 to fight cancer! I am so proud of them - what an unselfish and caring thing for them to do. I just had to share this with everyone.
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    Sans rt1:
    How wonderful, you must be very proud, you have a special young women there. Is it possible to say I love you in a clearer voice than that?
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      What a beautiful tribute!
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        Absolutely Incredible! You've raised a very special young lady. Have you thought about telling this story to your local paper? Wouldn't it be exceptional to read something really positive for a change, especially about someone truley exceptional? Please let her know another Survivor says "Thank You".
        I Love My Pack!



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          You have an amazing young lady. I also urge you to contact your local newspaper!
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            Geez Sans,

            I don't know you, or your daughter, but damn, I'm in
            tears right now!! 13 years old?! Wow, you've got a
            very special young lady there! And she has some special friends!!

            Lovely, story! Thanks for sharing.



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              Yes, we are very proud - of her and her friends. Lots of their friends have had similar parties and brag about how they got $500 in gift cards, but these kids chose to do something quite amazing for their age - to do something for others.

              We talked with the other parents, and the general feeling is to not call the paper about it. Not that the paper would not pick it up and the story might shame others into similar action, but that these girls did not do it to receive recognition or attention, they did it because they wanted to. I think that word will get aroung without a newspaper story.

              I do get choked up just thinking about it . . .
              Right I/O 4/17/06, Seminoma Stage Ib
              RT (15 days) completed 6/1/06
              All clear as of 5/8/09