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Lance, NYC Marathon

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  • Lance, NYC Marathon

    Wow, Lance finished in just under 3 hours! Here's an article about it:

    Lance NYC marathon article

    Looks like even he had a tough time towards the end!
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    He has to show off again 3 hours is a very good time not like he is built like a long distance runner I would be happy to make it to the end and he goes and gets it done in under 3. It was the main sports story on Yahoo sports. It is nice to have someone that is able to keep in the news and get the word out to win the war against cancer!!!!!!!!!!!!
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      Here's a similar article from Bicycling magazine:,6...5271-1,00.html

      I'm duly impressed!
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        I have to admit I'm a so-so Armstrong fan but this was a really amazing accomplishment. He probably deserves more credit then he is being given.
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          I watched most of the TV coverage...having lived in NYC, plus after running the Boston Marathon, I was curious to watch the race. For him to finish in under 3 hours, considering his schedule, his first marathon, with very little training, is a HUGE accomplishment. The Nov issue of runners world has a lengthy and good article on his training, etc.

          Very impressive, plus he raised quite a bit of money for his foundation.

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