Hi All,

When I picked up my monthly dose of AndroGel from the pharmacy, printed on the back of the pharmacy lable was information about a $20 per month instant rebate each month toward your Androgel copay via a free Visa Debit Card. Since Androgel is usually a "non-preferd" script, co-pays are high. Mine is $40 I think - but it used to be $50.

Here is the info!

Once-daily ANdrogel now comes with once-monthly savings. The AndroGel Loyal-T Visa Card program was designed to help you save money at the pharmacy. The preloaded AndroGel Loyal-T Visa Card is good for up to $20 off each month's prescription of AndroGel 1% for up to 6 months. You could save as much as $120! Simply call *********. You will then be mailed your Visa Rebate card in a few days. Simply present it to your pharmacy when you pick up your AndroGel and $20 will be paid toward your insurance co-pay (or balance should you not have insurance). When it's time to refill your prescription, your AndroGel Loyal-T Visa Card will be automatically reloaded with $20 to be used toward your next month's supply - up to 6 months or $120.
NOTE: I know the number to call is *** out. That is because I neglected to bring it to the office with me but already wrote this nice post. As soon as I get the number from home I will replace the *** with the number to call. This information is not published anywhere on the Internet or on AndroGel's website - I already checked..

I called the number and recieved the card a few days later via US Mail. Hope this information helps everyone!!!