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I am so proud of my Daughter!!!!

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  • I am so proud of my Daughter!!!!

    My teenage daughter (17) is generally selfish (arent most, but next Thursday (7th) of December she has organised all by herself and with NO input from me-I didnt even know about it, to have her waist lenghth hair cut for the Scottish equiv of Locks of Love. She wants her hair to go to people that need wigs to make themselves feel better.She is also raising sponsorship for the Everyman charity (for male cancers and part of the Institute of Cancer research), part will be used for a microwave for one of the wards in the Beatson.It seems some of the young guys get hungry going through chemo, and sandwiches doesnt always cut it.

    I am proud that she thought about it herself,she is so vain about her own hair, but (I cant describe this properly), she feels that so many people have lost their hair through no fault of their own, that she would like to be less vain about something that doesnt matter........

    Please wish her luck......btw Daddy doesnt know a thing, first he will know is when she walks in sporting a very very short bob, which she hasnt had since she was 3.......
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    You have certainly raised a wonderful you lady. You must be very proud. I just hope she truely understands how important that gift of hair will be.
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      What a wonderful young lady!
      Lori and Jon
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      3xEP then determined not working
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      Chest and Neck surgery 10/9/06 - immature teratoma
      RPLND 11/16/06 - immature Teratoma
      2/29/2008 - markers continue to be normal!
      9/16/2008 - released from Dr. Einhorn's care


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        That is must be so very proud!!!!
        Retired moderator. Husband, left I/O 16Dec2005, stage I seminoma with elevated b-HCG, no LVI, RTx15 (25Gy). All clear ever since.


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          Great story , Cheers T
          My experience .
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          Orchiectomy 2006/06/12
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          RPLND 2006/10/12
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