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    Hi everyone!

    I've finally given up on lurking around in the forums and signed up to this site! It seems that most of the questions I search for bring me back here.
    I'm 23 and I had a stage I embryonal carcinoma back in April. So far I've only had an orchiectomy and I'm currently under surveillance.

    Although, I'm a bit worried because I recently started having phantom pains where I shouldn't.
    After checking, I found out that my remaining testicle is much firmer than usual. I've also found a pea-sized lump.

    In April, I didn't feel any lumps. It took about 1 week for my testicle to grow to the size of a small avocado. That's when I was rushed to the ER. Everything kind of just happened.

    Should I call my family physician? I'm seeing a doctor next week as a follow up to a CT scan I'm doing tomorrow. I'm not sure if I should wait.

    It could be a clot or nothing or worse, but I hope for the best.


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    Welcome, Nico. I bet you'll find everything is really OK. I'd talk to your doctor about it next week at your surveillance check.
    Scott, [email protected]
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      Hey dude,
      Welcome to the posts. You will find here a good environment to discuss your concerns with treatment. Of course, you should definitely notify your physician of any developments and updates. Best of luck!
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        I agree that you should definitely bring it up at the checkup.

        I had similar concerns sometime back when my remaining testicle started aching and I thought it was harder than usual. Turned out to be nothing at all - might have pulled a groin muscle during workout and the firmness part might just have been because I didn't have a "reference testicle" anymore to compare with

        In any case, let us know how the checkup goes.

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          If its really weighing on your mind, it may not hurt to contact your physician sooner. For peace of mind, if nothing else.

          I'm actually in a similar position as you right now. I'm over a year out from chemo treatment and have had positive results from my follow-up blood work and CT scans throughout the year (as recent as mid-October). However, over the past couple of days, I've been experiencing a very similar dull ache/pain in my remaining one as I did the first time through. It seems to be hardening, as well. With almost the exact symptoms as the first time, I'm quite frankly scared beyond belief and convinced something serious is wrong.

          Instead of guessing and waiting and totally breaking down, I e-mailed my doctor yesterday and I'm now scheduled for an appointment and ultrasound tomorrow.

          Its your health and your body, so don't be afraid to let your physician know if something doesn't seem right.
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