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    Hello all I just want to say thanks for the couple responses i have gotten in the other forums
    But heres the thing I am really high strung person to begin with and hearing that i might have TC is blowing my mind i have an appoinment with a uroligist tommorow but a mass was already found inside the testicle via Ultrasound
    does anyone have any copping techniques i am open to anything

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    Some people cope by learning everything they can about their situation and what to expect, while others cope by focusing on other things: exercise, relaxation techniques, distractions. Which approach appeals more to you?

    Of course you're a little frantic right now. That's completely normal. Somebody just told you that you have cancer! Who reacts calmly to something like that?!
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      The way my husband handled it was at first, he tried to brush it off. Then he did as Scott said some people do and tried to learn up on anything he could and spent as much time with us as possible.

      Basically, he just made sure when he wasn't reading up on anything that it was entirely out of his mind.


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        I was pretty wound up, I basicly learnt everything I could, then when I was doing something else tried not to think about it.
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          I agree with Scott and the rest. Knowing what you are dealing with can be reassuring - especially since TC is very treatable. In many cases the surgery to remove the mass - and yes, the affected testicle, will provide the cure.

          If the mass is indeed TC (usually is if the ultrasound detected a "mass"), then you are a "survivor". You will have surgery, you will recieve any treatment necessary (depending on pathology and results of blood tests and CT scans), and you will go on living with a new appreciation for life. Keep positive and if you are like me you will probably get very tired of all of the doctors telling you that "if you are going to get cancer, this is the one to get". It is true, but it does not make the initial shock of diagnosis or any treatment much easier.

          You've found the right forum - get educated on what you are dealing with and the folks here will answer your questions and support you. Keep us informed.
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            As trite as it may sound, "knowledge is power". The more you learn about this, the easier it will be to cope with it. Best of luck,
            "Life moves pretty fast; if you don't stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it." -Ferris Bueller
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              another idea

              Something that has worked here was (although I still use this a lot) to decide how much time I would spend with the fear. A good twenty minutes in all out fear takes a lot of energy. If you bundle it up and do it right, then you can get on with other emotions or tasks at hand. Most often 20 minutes is too long to spend and you will have energy left over. I try to do something for someone else with the extra energy. I know that I was very frustrated with days that were wasted because they were filled with worry. Still part of each of my day gets a dose, but I am happy to spend time learning helping, trusting, hoping, etc. etc. There is a lot of support here in the forums. Keep breathing, slowly but surely, the confusion and unknowns will become manageable. take care, Russell's mom, Sharon
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