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    It all started March 23rd when I went to the doctor about random moderate testicle pain on the left side. He diagnosed it as eppiditimytis. After getting home from the doctor my pain went from moderate to severe so I called the doctor back and he sent me to the ER because he fear it might be a torsion.
    While sitting in the ER trying to figure out what was wrong with me they performed an ultrasound although it came back negative for a torsion the did say I had several small masses in the left testicle. The ER doctor stuck with the original diagnoses of eppiditimytis and told me I should follow up with a urologist in 7 days.

    So last Monday I had my appointment the urologist and after reading the ultrasound report he told me that I had a mass the size of a ping pong ball in my left testicle. I was thinking to myself I thought they said small masses? I mean correct me if I am wrong but a ping pong ball size isnt small. The doctor told me that he believed it was cancer and before I knew it I was on the operating room table the next morning at 9 am having my left testicle removed. The doctor told my girlfriend after the surgery that the tumor was contained in the left testicle. Two days after the surgery I called the doctor to ask a few questions about my healing and to find out if the pathology report had come back yet. He said yes and that it was in fact cancer and that the tumor markers from my blood test came back negative but said we would talk about everything in detail at my follow up appointment next Thursday. Way to leave a guy in suspense. I had my st scan the next day and I am sure I will find out the results from that thursday as well. So only one more day to wait to hear everything that I may want or dont want to know about whats in store for me next. I will post an update after I get all the info tomorrow at my follow up. Sorry for such a long post.

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    Welcome, and sorry you have joined the club! With a decent size tumor and no markers you may be dealing with seminoma...unless something benign comes back. Great site to read up on all this is

    Did you get a CT scan and chest X-ray as well? They will help with the staging and along with your final path report will let you know what your choices will be.

    I'm glad you had this taken care of quickly. TC when caught early had a very high cure rate.
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      Originally posted by Ski11181
      I called the doctor back and he sent me to the ER because he fear it might be a torsion.
      Deja vu. A suspected torsion was what sent me to the ER prior to my diagnosis. The fact that you show no markers is promising, and once you have the results of your CT scan and the details on the pathology, a course of action will likely be determined.

      The waiting is the worst part, but it sounds like it will all be resolved tomorrow. It's great that you have found the Forum, and I hope you find whatever advice you get here useful. I hope your recovery from the I/O is going smoothly. Regardless, you will be fine.
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        Good luck tomorrow. Make sure you check back with the results, there is a lot of experiance here and we may be able to help you sort through all the info. Oh, make sure you bring a pen a paper so you can take notes and get copies of everything, even if the news is great.
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