Hi there

I recently started feeling a dull pain in my right testicle and lower abdomen & subsequently found a very small lump on the top of my right testicle. Like many guys in that situation I panicked and began fearing the worst. I also was initially guilty of the typical male reaction of burying my head in the sand and hoping it went away. It didn’t and for three weeks I went through all kinds of mental self-flagellation and self-diagnosis. It was only from browsing this forum that I finally plucked up the courage and sense to get it seen to by a doctor and subsequently, on referral, by an ultrasound consultant. Fortunately the diagnosis which I received a couple of days ago was that I have a small benign cyst at the top of the testicle which isn’t going to cause any future problems.

Once the diagnosis was made, the pain I was feeling abated almost immediately. I get an odd tingle down there now and again but I now know that is purely due to friction on the cyst. What I would like to say to guys reading this and worried about their own health is to go and get it checked out. I was every bit as embarrassed and reticent about it as you might be, but in my case the psychological trauma I was putting myself through by fearing the worst was quite possibly making me imagine pain that wasn’t there. For doctors and ultrasound people, this kind of stuff is old hat. You can be sure that your embarrassment will dissipate the minute you walk into their office and realise how businesslike and routine they are about the whole procedure. I’m not a big user of internet forums and chances are you won’t see me on here again, but I would like to say to the regular posters that I am very grateful for your comments & advice and they are being read and acted upon. You owe yourselves a very big pat on the back lads!