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    Bill (dadmo) has met my Son, so he can confirm this. Christopher (my Son) had a ponytail of some pretty healthy hair about a foot down his back. It is now in an envelope awaiting shipment to Locks of Love where it will be someone's new hair do while on Chemo. I did this too (I once had the same length hair) when I knew I was in for Chemo. I lost my locks because I knew I was going to anyway. He lost them because he just gives a damn. This, and he's riding in August as well. I'm pretty proud of him. Just wanted to share.
    I Love My Pack!


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    Christopher's actions speak lots about what exemplary parents he has. Hats off to you both.
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      All I can tell you is that Nancy is in tears. Mark's son is an amazingly good looking man (must be from the misses), muscular, musical, 2nd degree black belt and only 15. The hair only enhanced the look. Mark you should be one proud father.
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        Fed took the words right out of my mouth. Your son sounds like an amazing kid, be proud of him, but you obviously raised him right.
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