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Tycoon Terry Gou makes massive donation for cancer research

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  • Tycoon Terry Gou makes massive donation for cancer research

    Hi everybody . there is a news that I'd like the share!

    I thought this man Terry Gou deserves some recognition . . .

    He just made a donation of US$454.54 million!

    "Taiwanese business tycoon Terry Gou announced that his Yong Lin Charity Foundation would donate an estimated US$455 million to National Taiwan University at a Sept. 4 press conference. His gift would be the largest donation ever made to NTU and also the world's single biggest contribution to any university medical school over the past 40 years, NTU President Lee Si-chen claimed at the conference."

    Terry Guo's wife died of breast cancer two years ago and his younger brother died of leukemia 2 months ago.

    I guess he was really devastated. When his brother was getting treatment. Gou care for his brother so much that he brought a private jet
    so that Mr. Guo can visit his brother more often . . and Mr. Guo brought millions of equipment out of
    his own pocket for his brother's treatment. Soon after his brother's death, Guo announced that
    he will donate US 3 billion into cancer research and US$454.54 million of the promise materialized.

    How he want to spend the rest of the 2.5 billion remain to be seem but it certain brings a lot of sense of hope to see some one putting that much effort
    to fight Cancer!

    Looks like he wants to spend the money in Taiwan and China . . but I hope that he can fund research in US too and have more international collaboration . . since US still leads the world in cancer research . . and any development of new treatment will benefit patients around the world!!
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    Thanks for sharing...very encouraging!!!! If not for anything, maybe this will create some healthy competition! Sharon
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