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    With the horrific wildfires I hope everyone is safe and snug in their own homes.
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    My Jersey Sis...thanks for checking. It's Thursday around 9:30am and the air is even more miserable this morning in Orange County. Although the fire in Santiago Canyon (Irvine) is not at our doorstep, it has been an especially eerie sight in the early mornings and at dark to see the flames lining the ridgeline. The ash blowing this way is fact, I was outside with my doggies and ash settled on Ivy's brown fur! We keep so many Californians in our thoughts...especially those who have to rebuild. Hugs out your way (they may smell smokey but hugs nonetheless.)
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      I recently spoke to my Aunt who lives in Chulavista. She told me that my cousin, his wife and kids had to evacuate because one of the fires is burning really close to their place . They live in near one of the canyons, so that certainly makes things worse. My Aunt also said that the air is nasty, and there is ash everywhere. The place where I went for grad school (The Scripps Research Institute in La Jolla) was closed for several days, but finally re-opened today.
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        Thank you for your nice thoughts. This last week hasn't been nice at all around here. I have a close friend that just lost his beautiful cabin up in Lake Arrowhead. He lost everything but the clothes on his back. Many other friends and family have had to be evactuated. I fortunately have only had to suffer with the smokey air and ashes. But what is most important is we are all safe.
        Our Fireman have been doing a great job!

        Many prayers for anyone who have lost a loved one or their homes due to the fires.


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          Thanks for your concern!!! All ok here. Sharon

          Knock on wood!!!!!!!!!!
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