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  • Sans rt1
    Welcome Sam. This is not an exclusive club. Sounds like you have been through more than some of us have. You need to look after your lone one, and the folks here can help with any issues. But, definite congratulations on it working well for you!

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  • Margaret
    welcome Sam!!!!!!!!!

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  • oneballer

    I'm new as well so UNI -BALLERS UNITE ! I have found in the short time I have been here that all these people here KNOW what they are talking about and have GREAT !!!! information. They tell it how it is and I have nothng but respect for them . I to was looking for answers to question I didn't know the yet. And I found them all here .

    GO BOSTON !!!!!!


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  • Already Bald
    Hi Sam,
    Wow- that must have been a horrible car ride..
    But, I believe you are a charlatan- and congratulations on that.
    Even so, you may be considered a higher risk-what with the undescended history..
    I don't know about the biopsy related risk- I would just stay on top of it.

    Congrats on the upcoming baby- make sure you finish painting the nursery in time, and try to sleep while you can

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  • Sam
    started a topic New Chap

    New Chap

    Dear all,

    I am new and I have only just joined this evening.

    I fear that I might shortly be expelled for being a charlatan. (please read on)

    I have not currently had testicular cancer.

    When I was 3 years old I had an undescended testicle removed. I am now 33 years old. I have lived my entire live with one testicle.

    When I was 22, following groin pain I was sent for an ultra sound scan on my remaining right testicle. They found calcium flecking and decided I should have a biopsy...I did.

    The biopsy revealed no un-normal information.

    Soon I developed a blood clot swelling and ended up with a lump as big as the testile protruding from the incision....Whilst driving to college one day it burst!

    Blood soaked boxers are a total horror, believe me!

    So since then I have ridden a roller coaster of worry and expectacy. I even read that a biopsied testicle has a higher chance of becoming cancerous. Hopefully this is rubbish!

    So you might ask why has this guy joined this group?

    There are a couple of answers:

    1) There is nowhere else for me to go. I have one testicle and live in fear of losing it.
    2) I have tons of experience of living single nutted.
    3) I am expecting my 1st child in Feb next year, so for all you chaps who have lost one! Crack on!!!

    Thank you for your attention,