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  • In Loving Memory....

    Just wanted to write a post to honor a dear friend of our Family who passed away last Friday after a long battle with cancer. Doctors gave her 3 months to live.....almost 4 years ago!! She battled it (successfully) up until last month! She took cruises, trips to Las Vegas with her husband and continued to work as a Real Estate agent. She was like part of our family - attended all holidays and special occastions, worried about me when I had T/C and was just a loving person!!

    Unfortunately the ovarian cancer spread to her lungs then pancreas and the battle was lost. But now in a comfortable place, her memories will never be forgotten!

    We love you Sheila Johnson and we will all miss you very much!
    Stage IIIa Seminoma
    4x BEP Completed 2/14/05
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    Godspeed, Sheila

    I know James and the others who loved you will miss you...