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    Hello all,
    I am the daughter of a three time cancer survivor who is currently a senior in college at Knox College in Galesburg, Illinois working on my Senior Research Thesis in Psychology. My research deals with cancer survivors, specifically those who have been treated with chemotherapy. Unfortunately, due to privacy laws, I have had quite a bit of trouble gaining access to survivors through support groups or Relay for Life events. My research requires survivors to complete a short (20 minutes or so) interview with me either by phone or through email. The interview is centered around the chemotherapy experience and how it may affect survivors once they have successfully won their battle with cancer. I hope that through my research psychologists can better understand what it means to be a survivor so that they may improve survivorship help programs. If anyone would be willing to speak with me, or might know someone who would be willing, I would greatly appreciate it. Also, let me assure you that if you wish, no personal or identifying information is necessary besides a first name (for my own organizational purposes) and an email address. Please, if you are willing and have the time, I could really use your help. Thank you all, I hope to hear from you soon.

    -Krissy Geary
    [email protected]