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  • Cyclist's penis

    'Cyclist's penis': no cock up, but riders feel stiffed

    I have an electrically assisted bicycle on order, hope it has a comfortable seat
    I/O Aug 04 (nonseminoma), bilateral RPLND Sep 04, Surveillance

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    Surely the FDA will eventually come out with a medication to cure this horific disease , seeing as though they feel the need to make every illness no matter how major or minor it is a growing epidemic. It's amazing how they find new diseases for their presciptions to cure.
    I find it sickening at how they label the smallest of conditions a disease- case in piont - ever since I was little I can remember shaking my legs and feet when sitting still-fairly normal seeing as I have met other who do the same thing- whether it be nerves or adrenaline or whatever- Now the FDA has labeled this condition "RESTLESS LEG SYNDROM"- and of course they a medication to cure it. Syndrom- you've got to be kidding me - First TC now I find out have RLS (how does one cope?) I wish the drug companies would start to focus on curing painful and life-threatening diseases so that our son's will not have to deal with TC and our daughters would be safe for Breast Cancer. I think the world could live with restless leg syndrom and these other so called illnesses!!!!!

    Moffitt Cancer Institute
    Diagnosed/Left I/O 9/18/2004--Non-Seminoma/Stage IIIC--3X B.E.P chemo--3X T.I.P. Salvage chemo---Abdominal [email protected] 34cmX 24.5cmX 17.5cm---4/19/2005 --RPLND/Left Kidney,8 1/2lb Abdominal tumor,42 nodes removed---7/16/2005 Remission/Surveillance---Severe Peripheral Neuropathy--