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  • Help!!!!

    Hi im new here i have read some of the post's and the responses seem to be heart felt and sincere. So heres my question i found a lump not on the side or front of my testical but on the bottom of it. There is some pain in my testical and abdoman and in my left leg. The pain is not real bad but annoying. I have a appointment with a uroligist for monday. Im terrified right now and i know i shouldnt be negative thinking adds to stress and other bad things. I also have a problem with a burning sensation only after sexual intercourse that usaully last for about 10 min. Could this have anything to do with the lump and pain in my leg. Could it be an infection or TC just wanted to know some of you guys advice once agian thanks and im glad to now be part of a group of ppl i can talk to about this. Take care and God Bless.

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    Welcome to the forums. You are doing the right thing by being pro-active with your health. Remember tc is quite rare, and you most likely don't have it. When tc progress it's first stop is usually the lymph nodes, some of your symptoms could be associated with that but they seem a little off. The most common complaint would be lower back pain and not abdominal or leg problems. As for the burning sensation I am unaware of that being associated with tc. When you see your doc make sure has blood work done to check your tumor markers and make sure you get the testicles scanned. If you havent found it yet heres a link for a great tc site with all the information you are likely to need.
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      Thank you for the quick response it puts me some what at ease. Of course until i see my doctor i will still be worried but never the less I plan on following this all the way threw wither i have it or not it probaly will invoke a new life style for me all togetheir THank you.