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    As many of us have already done,I'm about to embark on the road to cure with a "date" at the chemo ward. One of my co-workers approached me and asked how I felt about having some of them shave thier heads in support.
    I balked at first,thinking that this is a personal battle I was "heading" (lol) into. Next thing you know,our GM is going to contribute $50.00 per "head" towards the Canadian Cancer Society,and the local media is going to attend and do a story on the "event". so called "personal" battle ,is now an opportunity to bring awareness to people of T/C ,and how we do not fight it alone.
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    That's fantastic! People really can be amazing if given a chance.
    I hope your chemo goes well and that you're back on track really soon.
    Let us know.

    Best wishes,

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      Wonderful! Everyone should have such support!
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        Thats really cool!! Good luck with the chemo and keep us updated.

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          My dad and some of his regular cyclers shaved their heads when I shaved mine. I was extremely touched by their show of solidarity.
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            Good Luck with chemo, all my son's roommates at college shaved their heads in support of him, and that was great. During his chemo, they always called from school and they also had a benefit at school in his name and all money was donated to charity. Take Care...Mary Ellen