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Calcification in remaining testical

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  • Calcification in remaining testical

    Hi folks,

    I was diagnosed with stage 1 seminoma in right testical October 2005. and have been treated with standard Orchidectomy and then 1 dose Carboplatin which was completed in Dec 2005.

    When I had diagnosis ultrasound, it showed some calcification in my remaining (left) testical.

    I have next onco appointment in Feb and am considering asking about this issue and whether it might indicate a risk of TC2.

    I wondered if anyone here has any personal experience of this or knows of any research into this - I have seen a couple of posts here which seem to point to calcification as a risk factor, but did not comment on whether there is a treatment or prevention of this.

    Any advice or pointers would be appreciated as this is a worry for me.

    All the best


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    Hi Jeremy:

    When my urologist was trying to diagnose my second case of TC, the ultrsound was inconclusive, but did show "microlithiasis", or calcium deposits in the testicle. He then sent me for an MRI which focused on the scrotum. This finally convinced him that there was a tumor in the testicle. Calcuim deposits have been associated with TC, so I would keep a very close watch on your remianing testicle. You might want to ask about an MRI or CT scan of the scrotum.

    Best wishes and let us know what you find out.

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