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The environmental CAUSE of testicular cancer??? Does this sound familiar?

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  • The environmental CAUSE of testicular cancer??? Does this sound familiar?

    I had both boys removed on the same day. I went through the 5 stages of depression...rather privately, I kept up with work. I thought I had it due maybe to an HPV infection. Both is like a 1 in 10M occurrence. This is not normal, it had to be an environmental factor...

    I read that EMF radiation causes cancer. EMF comes from microwaves, cell phones, wifi routers, baby monitors, and cell phone towers. But logically, to get cancer in both, I had to get a massive dose, much higher than the regular population. I bought an EMF monitor on amazon for $150. I went all across the apartment with this thing. Bedroom, all fine, kitchen fine. In the living room the thing went crazy. Everyday after work I spent 5 hours in my living room and most of the weekend. The living room had readings of 10mw/m2. Studies have shown that 1mw/m2 can cause cancer. The situation is, this cellphone tower was at the same height as my apartment and nothing in-between. I was getting the full force of this radiation, essentially frying my balls and not knowing it. This alone didn't cause it, I was going through a very stressful period of my life, my cortisol levels were probably sky high, not allowing my body to fight any infection.

    Does this sound like anyone else?
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    Afraid not. I had my first at age 20 & my second at age 55. Cell phones didn't even exist 35 years ago. I do not recall anyone mentioning cellphone towers near them when they got their 1st Dx, but I suppose it's not impossible. It seems more likely to be in your genes, since cell phones are everywhere & TC is still *extremely* rare....,
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      I agree cell phone towers are everywhere, but they usually have something between them, a wall, a tree etc. I had direct line of sight to one for practically 40 hours a week with nothing imbetween.
      lots of studies here:


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        I completely empathize with your frustrations and your search for a causal factor. Ever since my cancer diagnosis, I have frequently found myself getting wrapped up in pet theories for why I had cancer, or why whatever symptoms I'm currently feeling might be a relapse of my cancer.

        There was a good video posted recently by Kurzgesagt that explores the possibility of a connection between electromagnetic radiation and health problems like cancer. It's a good overview of the current state of research; I'd encourage you to watch it:

        The scientific consensus for now is: no, our electronic devices are not causing long- or short-term health problems in the brains or bodies of people who use them.

        Here's their extensive list of sources that they consulted in producing the video:

        My own personal anecdote: I had my left testicle removed at age 14 due to epidermoid cyst and right testicle removed at age 26 due to cancer (embryonal carcinoma). In both cases, I think I probably just have bad genes that led to my testicles not developing properly. My parents were older when I was conceived (age 41) so I am at a higher risk of inherited genetic problems.

        There's also been some interesting research into a possible connection between marijuana and testicular cancer. ( Personally, I was a heavy user of marijuana during my late teen years, and I do remember sometimes feeling acute pain in my remaining testicle after a heavy smoking session, so on the face of it, this connection seems plausible to me.

        Cancer can come from so many different possible sources (chemicals, radiation, cosmic rays, inherited genes). It's easy and actually quite rational to feel scared that you could be exposing yourself to cancer during your everyday activities. After my mom died of brain cancer, my aunt stopped using wireless phones completely because she was also afraid of electromagnetic radiation causing it. But I think the research is pretty clear that, at the longer wavelengths of WiFi and cell phone networks, we're not putting ourselves in any danger.