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  • Dating with no Balls

    I am new and have started three posts. My apologies if this is considered spamming.

    I am not married and still dating. I saved my sperm in a cyrobank. Babies are possible - IVF, but the woman, if she so chooses needs to go through hormonal hell for a month for a 40% of getting pregnant.

    Any experiences here, after how many dates do you bring this topic up? Do you bring this up before or after you bed the woman for the first time? Do they normally scamper off after the info is revealed?

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    Back then, I always left any mention of having only one ball unsaid & if anyone noticed, they said nothing. I would let the subject come up naturally, rather than bring it up. It never did come up in quite a few encounters. If she is paying attention she'll ask about it, if she is not paying attention,there is a clue about a future relationship, now isn't there? I wouldn't worry, by the time the questions are asked, chances are the answer won't change anything, & if they do, chances are it wasn't the right lady to begin with.
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      We all come with baggage and history - exes, medical conditions etc. As with anything personal, it's something that you don't need to bring up unless it naturally comes up or she asks you directly. The main thing is that you like each other, you get on well, and if you fall in love, she would do anything to make it work - just you would for her.
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