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Athletes coping with double removals

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  • Athletes coping with double removals

    Hi All - new to the community. I was first diagnosed in 2018 and had my left removed. Last week, 5 years into surveillance I found that have a new mass on my right. It seems my options are partial/full removal. But it seems like I may need to go on TRT post surgery.
    I am a former law enforcement, martial artist, and play rugby - so athleticism and fitness are my whole life.
    Questions for the group - any athletes on here that could speak to their experience on having both testicles removed and on TRT? What about those athletes with one removal and partial on the second and then placed on TRT?
    Anybody in law enforcement, military, or firefighters that can speak on being in with TRT - have management, job applications made it an issue?

    Thanks in advance!

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    I lost my 1st atage20 & 2nd age55.Been on TRT since, & honestly do not notice any difference that I cannot attribut to being 69 now. Not a policeman & not particularly athletic afterage50. I personally not opt for a partial, but I'm not much of a gambler & would prefer the better odds of full removal.I find TRT very effective.
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      Hello - i got my second testicle removed. I just went to the Endo and got prescribed androgel. Thoughts on this method of TRT? Was hesitant to get the injectable but the more i think about it, it may have been better.


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        Androgel is worth giving a try. Some people's skin tend to absorb it less but it will all be based on your levels. Injections are always an option as are implantable pellets and a nasal application.

        How are you feeling so far with the Androgel?

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