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  • Let's Have Some Fun

    So, this might be a little strange and I couldn't think of anywhere else to here we go...

    January 2013...I was diagnosed with testicular cancer...had surfer mid-January...started radiation early February...finished radiation late March...

    As far as I'm concerned (and the doctor), I'm cancer free but start annual checkups and blood work January 2014

    Through all of it...with the help of my amazing wife, son (for kicking me in the balls and bringing the whole TC to light with that swift kick), incredible family and light hearted friends...I've stayed so positive and fun about the whole situation that people have asked me if I was taking some extra pills to stay happy.

    Well, a week after I finished radiation...I went to a friends kids birthday party at a skating rink...I've been skating for years and years but for some reason, I lost my balance...fell...tried to catch myself...broke my month of healing...a month of physical therapy...a month of self therapy...and here I set

    My wife and I decided a month ago that we've had one "fun" 2013 and it was time to start enjoying ourselves instead of the doctor's we bought a boat.

    I want to name the boat something fun, something goofy, something that makes people wonder...

    So, now that you know my medical history for the year...


    I've searched the web for nicknames for people with one testicle, nicknames for people who have had TC and haven't been able to really come up with anything.

    I'm more than open to any and all ideas or suggestions and figured I'd turn to the pro's...the people that deal with this every day...

    So, post all your ideas...

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    "Missing One", "UNO", "No Nad", "TC Gone"

    Diagnosed 4/12/12
    AFP 31, HCG 32
    I/O 4/25/12
    Nonseminoma Stage 1S
    Embryonal Carcinoma 95%, Yolk Sac 5%
    Lymphatic Invasion, Markers did not normalize
    BEPx3 Finished 8/5/12
    Post Chemo APF 2 HCG Undetectable


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      Uni-Baller....Juan Bahler....


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        Highlander - "There can be only one"
        Lower back pain for over a year - Drs say "It's just lower back pain, get used to it"
        Nov 29th 2012- ER because pain is too much to stand, diagnosed with TC
        Later determined to have pure seminoma in testicle, embryonal carcinoma in lymph nodes
        Nov 30th - Right testicle removed
        Dec-Feb BEP x3
        Apr 2nd 2013 - RPLND w/ Dr Beck at IU
        Apr 5th - Pathology back as all necrosis, Cancer Free!


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          Half Nut Wonder, One Ball Wonder,