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6 Years since finishing Chemo

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  • 6 Years since finishing Chemo

    It's been a while since I last wrote here. A lot has been going on.
    I am a recent father of twins (!) and was able to use my sperm. We had to undergo some treatment so my wife could get pregnant, but because of her. My Sperm was just fine, after 3 years of being useless.
    Have done CT scan last week and bloodwork. Tomorrow appointment with my Urologist. Let's see how it is.
    I'm here because I need to say - never been so afraid of these exames. Now there's so much to lose.
    2 years ago had a little scare because of bloodwork which had to be repeated - it was all good after all. But, now I just don't know.
    With kids, this is so much harder when the time comes to relive the problem (although i am hoping everything is fine).

    Thank U for reading.

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    Congratulations!!! Twins is wonderful to hear, and I can't imagine the enjoyment and excitement they bring. Great to hear about the 6 years clear too. The check ups are sure to bring more anxiety, after having kids, but I have full faith they are being done just to confirm what we already know and that is that the chemo worked.

    Well done.

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      Congratulations! It's so precious to be the parent of twins: double joy!


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        Congrats on being 6 years out and on twins! That's fantastic!

        I hear you on being a father and having a family adding an entirely new dimension to the anxieties of cancer survivorship. Enjoy each day and have faith!
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          Congratulations on the twins! Really glad to know your 6 years clear!
          03.01.2021 Diagnosed with TC, 2cm*1.5cm
          03.16.2021 Left I/O
          03.26.2021 Pathology report: Stage I Seminoma


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            Congratulations on twins and 6 years all clear! Great!
            2/2021 HB 49y/o, stage 2B seminoma, right I/O
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            5/2021 4xEP
            10/2021 all clear
            5/2022 all clear


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              All the best
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