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  • A positive story

    Hello all,

    Five years ago when my husband was diagnosed with testicular cancer, I combed these messages boards almost daily looking for 'answers' (that I clearly wouldn't find). I always vowed that i would come back and share good news along the way so that others could see some hope along the way. My husband was diagnosed with a seminoma at age 32. We were lucky that it only required surgery. The first year was terrible. We lived in constant fear. At that point we had no children, but couldn't even wrap our minds around getting past this to think about having kids. I have PCOS and I always imagined I would be the reason that I would be difficult to conceive. It got easier every time there as a cat scan that was 'clear and stable' A year later I became pregnant (100%) naturally with our daughter. She was born in January 2013. This past month my husband had his 5 year cat scan, and it was clear and stable. We are now celebrating his 5 year all clear anniversary with our 3 year old daughter. It's a really big deal to us. No matter how much 'sh*t there is in our life, this always gives us perspective. I hope this story helps someone, and thank you for all of the solace that I was provided durring that difficult time.
    Husband Seminoma Stage I
    Right Orchiectomy 5/13/11
    ONE YEAR ALL CLEAR 5/11/12

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    Such a great story, samiam! I vaguely remember seeing a post or two of yours all the way back in 2011 when I was diagnosed as well. So happy for you both.

    I'm currently blogging for the Testicular Cancer Awareness Foundation, and am their acting social media lead. If you'd be interested in sharing your story and a few photos with the public community, I'd love to make that happen. Feel free to private message me, or contact me via my social media (linked in signature). Coming up on the big 5 year all clear myself, and it sure does feel good.
    Young Adult Cancer Survivorship by Steve Pake
    April is Testicular Cancer Awareness Month!
    Feb 2011, Stage IIB, 4xEP, RPLND, PTSD
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      Congrats Samiam and thanks for the update. I have almost the same story. I was diagnosed at age 30 with seminoma and a year and a half in so far with clear ct scans and only surgery as treatment. The first year was terrible for me and my wife as you mentioned it was for you as well. Each clean scan makes it easier to live with. We were blessed with our daughter a few years before I was diagnosed but we likewise have been scared to possibly have another child because of the cancer issue.
      Left R/O on 10-9-14. Ct scans all clear.
      Pure Seminoma stage 1a. no vascular invasion.
      surveillance started, with chest x-ray 12-3 , blood work 1-22-14.


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        Thanks for sharing. It is nice to hear happy news. Congratulations on the birth of your daughter.