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Now my friend have TC

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  • Davepet
    Since you did not say, I have to assume he had a CT scan that did not find any spread? If so, he is stage one, and 2xBEP would be more than needed. 1xBEP is the standard of care these days for stage one TC. If they found spread (stage two) than 3xBEP would be preferred. I am assuming he had non-seminoma, you did not say, but they would not do BEP for stage one seminoma, as a rule.

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  • Rudachenko
    started a topic Now my friend have TC

    Now my friend have TC

    He has I stage seminoma.He is so scared.Doctor tell that he will get 2xBEP because to be 100% sure to cancer can't go back.My friend now explore alternative medicine.If you know something helpful and can propose or donate to us we will be very thankful.