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metastatic TC stage 3 in the lungs

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  • metastatic TC stage 3 in the lungs

    My 41 yr old son had BEP treatment in 09-10. He has been clear since.
    I have to look up to see what his composition of the cells in his original tumor were. I dont know if my son was told he didn't have to, or decided he didnt need to get his follow up appointments after 14 years. As we cant go back wards; The Cancer is moving forwards into his lungs.
    He is in his 4th cycle of Cisplatin. The Dr is speaking of possible surgery.
    Does anyone on this sight have experience with metastisis to the lung? My son is very angry and giving very limited updates on his progress.

    Thank You​

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    I am so sorry about your son. It must be so very hard for your son, but for you too. I am also a mom, and my son was just declared in remission in May after BEP, and not a day goes by without my worrying. I can also understand his anger, after 14 years. I believe there are discussions on what people call two-timers in another thread in this forum, which might be helpful?


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      Is this a recurrence of the original cancer from 2010 or did he get a second primary in his remaining testicle that is spreading to his lungs?

      Where is he being seen/treated?

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        I am very sorry to hear of this very late relapse. Since it's such a late and rare relapse, I hope you are able to arrange treatment at a center of experitse for his salvage therapy. I read a lot about Indiana for folks in the US.