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  • David1969
    I so know where you are coming from and you should not feel bad at all. I spent 6 and a half hours on the phone today trying to get Dave an appointment at Sloan, after phoning different places for CT scans, pathology slides etc I finally achieved it and I feel so happy it's ridiculous, anyway in the midst of that I saw a friend who was passing something on for me to another friend who was going on vacation and I said tell her to have a good time, to which the reply came, yes she so deserves it, I was just oh if you only knew.

    The thing is we're all guilty of it in some times of our lives and unfortunately it's because we're having to go through this that we get the wake-up call and appreciate life so much more.

    I've been keeping an eye for your posts as Dave was due to have tip as well due to a reoccurence however our oncologist refered our case to Dr Einhorn as it was so unusual and he has recommeded that Dave has his RPLND repeated. I wish you and Les all the luck in the world. You should be so proud of yourself for all the support you are giving. Joxxx

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  • veryworriedmom
    Nobody would think badly of you Pam

    Its normal to be upset when your life has been turned around and those around you dont understand. My 17 year old daughter was asked a question for a college interview "what is your biggest concern"In august she answered "getting into a good college" In september she answered "my brothers cancer" her life changed in one day. We all wish for our lives to return to "normal" but we have all become more aware of whats important in life and our priorities. Hopefully your son will be Ok. VWM

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    I don't think bad of you at all. Wouldn't it be outstanding if people acted out in love not fear or anger? Some of life's lessons are so hard. I suppose the importent thing is that we learn. I think the luckiest person in the world is someone who knows that and never had to face any hardship. But then, how could you believe they really know? If your Son is the result of a heart and soul such as yours, I believe him to be strong. I'm just swerving in front of your post out of compassion. Just retaliating and lashing out at the fact that so many here are compassionate towards me. I have no doubt you'll retaliate as well. All I have that is positive to Les and you and your Husband.
    BESTRONG. We're all here!

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  • Les' Mom
    started a topic What others dont know

    What others dont know

    I went to breakfast with my hubby today. We were sitting having a bagel and there was a table with two couples next to us. Now I hope what I am about to write doesnt make the rest of you think bad about me. I wish ill on no one and I am glad there are people who will never feel our pain.

    The couples were having a wonderful talk about their children's future. One said something about when their daughter finished law school. The other said what they wanted was for their children to make good livings and support themself. I started crying because what I want is for my son TO LIVE and BEAT TC! It was such an eyeopener that some people dont realize how nice their normal life is.

    Then Phil and I are driving down a busy 4 lane highway. Some man cuts a lady off and the fun starts. She cuts back in front of him and slams on her brakes almost causing a wreck and then he does it and then she does it well you get the picture. I think to myself if they only knew how precious life is and how quickly it can change ... they wouldnt be acting the fool over something that doesnt matter.

    Well enough......

    Live, Laugh, Love each other!