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  • New to forum....advice please!

    My husband was dx 10/23/07 and his first Radiation Oncologist appt was today, he has a really good prognosis and will require either 10 days of radiation, 45 min each visit or 20 days at 10 min each, we are trying to decide which course to take. Can anyone tell me what some of the side effects of radiation could be? I know that it's different with each person but we really don't know what to expect. Also, we are trying to decide if he should bank sperm or not. I have PCOS so it will be difficult for me to get pregnant anyways, does anybody have any advice on this. I couldn't go with him to the doctor to ask these ?'s and he will probably have forgot to ask. Thanks!

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    Hi and welcome Turtle girl. My husband did not have radiation so I can't be of much help there...but I am pulling for you both. Lean on us if you need to. I would bank sperm if possible. It sure won't hurt to have it, if you end up needing it.
    Co-survivor with husband Boyce, Diagnosed 7-11-06, orchiectomy right testicle on 7-12-06- Stage 3A: Mixed germ cell tumor with inguinal seminomatous and kartotypic carcinoma. One tumor over 10 cm, second tumor 4 cm, Chemo 4xBEP: Bi-lateral RPLND Dec 2006, nerve sparing but left sterile.
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      Welcome turtlegirl,

      I can't help you out here either. My son had chemo and surgery, but no radiation.
      Someone will be along soon that can answer your questions about radiation, so keep checking back.


      Son Anthony DX 12/11/06
      L/O 12/20/06 Stage IIIA, 95% EC, 5% Yolk Sac
      4XEP 1/29-4/6/ 07
      AFP started increasing3 wks later
      Residual abdominal mass found on CT
      RPLND 6/8/07
      Cancer in pathology-
      80% mature teratoma, 20% Yolk Sac. --
      No adjuvent chemo and
      AFP normalised

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        Welcome turtlegirl. This recent thread may answer a lot of questions for you:

        Coping with radiation, chemotherapy, RPLND, or surveillance: treatment issues, test results, surveillance reports. Talk about what's going on with you!

        Another excellent resource is:

        Since PCOS may cause you problems it may be a wise bet to bank sperm. Stage 1 seminoma is generally treated with 25Gy over 15 days (Mon-Fri). In the UK the same dose is sometimes over 10 days, resultling in more pronounced side effects. If you could post the pathology, markers and CT scans it would help us a bit. The 20 days seems a bit unusual. The zap itself is very quick....the 45 min may be to sign in, change etc.
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          Hi Turtlegirl

          My husband was diagnosed this past August. He just finished radiation last Friday and really didn't have any problems with it, except that he's been left with bad heartburn. He had 17 treatments, daily Mon through Fri.
          They told us to expect some nausea and skin irritation. He felt slightly nauseous and had some realy mild skin redness but that's about it.

          We did do sperm banking. Once prior to his orchiectomy and once before the radiation. All the doctors we saw recommended it as a precaution, so we did it and feel good that we did. We have been married 2 years so were planning to star "trying" right around the time of his diagnosis.

          This is my first post! I registered last night. It is so good to hear everyone's own experiences and most of all to know that you are not alone!
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