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Looking for perspective, hope I can find it here:)

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    *hugs* TC sucks. I am sorry you are in the family now. I hope the best for you and your boyfriend. I was 23 when my husband was told he had TC. Granted I was married and a mother it was hard. I just have to say be his biggest cheerleader. Be there to lift him up when he is down. During treatment my husband look hrm.. best way to put it.... horrible. He looked like he was on his death bed, but when I looked at him I saw a fighter. I saw what a true suvivior looked like. He was/is my rock and I am his. All this did was bring us closer.

    I say go over there and see him. Make a little basket, a blanket, popcorn, drinks (healthy ones!) and movies. Make it a date night. Leave him little messages with post its. Show up at treatment with his favorite food for lunch. Let him know you are not giving up on him easily and you are in it for hte long haul.


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      Originally posted by Jilleighn
      Make it a date night.
      My wife did that for me while I was in the hospital. She dressed up as if we were going out and left the kids at home. I've lost track of exactly how we spent the evening, but I vividly remember the warm feeling.
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        So once again we are reminded that the patient Never fights alone.

        Alexie, you have to fight too. And there's no need to pretend that everything is normal, because clearly it is Not! You are allowed and supposed to be scared just like him and his family. But he is obviously a fighter and so are you! Maybe even sharing with he and his mom that this Forum exists would help.

        Hug him..cry if you feel the urge...just be as real as real can get.

        One of the many lessons this disease has taught me is to be real and honest and true to yourself. I promise that when he heard the word "cancer" his priorities in life changed that instant. Part of the healing is learning what really matters in your life. I am sure that you Really matter to him.

        Have a great date night!!
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        When you think about it, what other choice is there but to hope? We have two options, medically and emotionally: give up, or Fight Like Hell.
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          one more week of chemo for him next wk, and then hopefully his markers will be ok and then he does watchful waiting.

          He did end the relationship, but its ok, well maybe not right now but it will be ok

          Sorry, that was a bit too much yesterday, but i felt pretty down

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