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    I love to hear the good news....Mary Ellen


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      Thanks for the good news!! Doing the waiting game here too. Russell will have his second post-op CT soon....I hope. Kaiser (which I have learned means the Emeperor...... ) somehow forgot to to order the scan for him. Finally today I called directly and opps, the MD did not put a priority on the request and his order was mixed in with 130 other requests...attmeping to be handled by one nice recepionist. I see Kaiser as a tower of Babel. I now have a bit of a political spoke on this wheel and I don't mind sharing the story. Hopefully the news will land on careful ears. Trying to turn the waiting energy into steam. Hmmmmm possibly new idea for running cars! I could drive for miles!!! Will be thinking of you Maria!!!!! Take care, Sharon
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        Doing the happy, happy, joy dance for you from Seattle!!!!!
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