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  • Don
    Nothing wrong with saving a buck whenever possible....Especially with the way the ridiculous prices we have to pay for meds here in the U.S as apposed to other countries, and the prices seem to be going higher and higher... it's pretty sad when our older generation has to spend $500.00-600.00 of the $1000.00 they get from SSI to pay for the portion of thier RX that is not covered by Medicare...

    Threres an old saying "the lord givith and the lord taketh away...
    In the case of meds its more like " The Goverment Givith and the Goverment Taketh away".......

    Hopefully this will all change in Nov 08 !!!!!!!!!

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  • matthias
    started a topic On-line Pharmacy for your Drug Rx Needs

    On-line Pharmacy for your Drug Rx Needs

    Ok. I'll bite and will probably get hammered for this.

    If you are uninsured (and sometimes even if you are insured), I can highly recommend It's a very legitimate Thai mail-order pharmacy; no prescription needed. I have been dealing with them for 3+ yrs, and no complaints.

    Case #1: I daily take Singulair, which, in the US, is a patented leukotriene inhibitor and under BSBCGA (PPO) requires a co-pay of $60 for a 30 day regimen. Montair-10 by the Indian pharma giant CIPLA runs $109 for 100 days. You do the math; understand that India does not recognize pharmaceutical drug patents.

    Case #2: Compare prices for generic and name-brand Zofran. Because of patent-protection in the US, the generic is not available. A 30-day dose here in the US sells for $800+ w/ a concomitant co-pay.

    If you don't have comprehensive health insurance (and, sometimes, even if you do), might be worth a try.


    P.S.: I have bought numerous other medicines (antibiotics, antivirals, the blue, fun pill, etc.) through them. However, please note that my background is that of a PhD-level chemist working in pharmaceutical drug development. Please do not try to self-medicate; see your GP instead.
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