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  • An Old Topic - Bleomycin

    who can share any web references on specific lung function damage caused by Bleomycin? I keep trying to get back to a reasonable level of cardiovascular conditioning (I play handball) and every time I train for a couple weeks, I play and am short of breath and don't recover well. The oncologist told me that it was "muscular" and would come back with time. I don't agree. I kick myself for not have a baseline pulmonary function test pre-chemo. Is it worth a 1-year post chemo test? who does these?

    any (web) references on Bleomycin would be helpful...I putting together a scrapbook. no chance that Cisplatin or Etoposide caused any lung issues?

    I'm frustrated because I'm really starting to get in shape and if I can push it harder, I'll feel even better. But I'm convinced that bleo screwed me. In any case, I've got good health and just got my 1-yr 'free' report, so I'll take what I can get.
    Age 33, Right I/O Mar '05, 90% embryonal, 10% teratocarcinoma, Surv until 4 mo CT (+), 3 x BEP Aug/Sep '05, CT 10/05 ok, CT 2/06 ok, CT 3/06 ok, CT 6/06 ok, X-Ray, Blood 8/06 ok, Sperm Count 09/06: Low but active, CT 10/06 ok, X-ray 12/06 ok, CT 02/07 ok, X-ray/blood 4/07 ok, CT 6/07 ok, X-ray/blood 09/07, CT 10/07 ok, CT 4/08 ok, CT 10/08 ok


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    Bleo Effects


    I don't have any specific web references, but I can pass along my experiences.

    My oncologist was on the ball and had me perform a baseline pulmonary function test before my 4xBEP. After chemo, my lung function was down to about 60% of pre-chemo levels. After about 4 months, my lung function returned to normal, but in the meantime I was short of breath and coughing a lot.

    The bleo irritation showed up as patchy "shadows" on my post-chemo CT scans. The pulmonologist said that a small percentage of persons have permanent bleo-caused lung problems. I was lucky.

    A CT scan of your chest may be in order, but you should check with a pulmonologist. It's too bad that your oncologist didn't have you perform a pre-chemo pulmonary function test. My pulmonologist said that persistent bleo-caused lung irritation can be treated with steriods, but fortunately I didn't have to go that route. Good luck.

    Great news about your one-year checkup! I also had my 1-year "all clear" last month. Life is good.

    Left I/O 6/24/05
    100% Embryonal Cell Carcinoma, Stage III
    4xBEP August - October 2005
    Surveillance since Nov. 2005


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      Apache and MRB,
      Congrats to both of you on one year all clears!!

      Bleo, as you already know, is associted with pulmonary function problems and fibrosis. Run a search on "bleomycin pulmonary function" and you'll pull up a number of references., most on rat studies and what can be taken to reduce bleo tox...but your chemo is done with so that won't help. MRB has a great approach to see a pulmonologist and get a CT scan to see if you may have some fibrosis and if a low dose steroid (which has its own problems) would be worth it.
      Retired moderator. Husband, left I/O 16Dec2005, stage I seminoma with elevated b-HCG, no LVI, RTx15 (25Gy). All clear ever since.