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ETOH intolerance with Carboplatin?

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  • IowaBrian
    Sounds like migrain headaches to me I know certain drinks can cause serious problems for people might be due to the chemo since the chemo can cause odd problems (I am sure someone that has had chemo will post).
    I know from personal experience I reacted to a certain adult drinks back in my younger days but not to others, caused me to wake up with killer hangover and sick for 2 days, doctor told me to not drink that gee thanks doc .

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  • Uniball
    started a topic ETOH intolerance with Carboplatin?

    ETOH intolerance with Carboplatin?

    Hi all - I'm new to the forum, and I'm sure I've got more questions, but this one is the one that's dogging me the most right now.

    I had a Stage I Seminoma treated with a left radical orchiectomy (in Feb) and adjuvant Carboplatin (x2). My last cycle was in May of this year. I did have what I'd say are the lighter end of the "usual" side effects from the Carbo, but I've noticed something odd since then: I've developed what seems to be a severe intolerance for certain alcoholic beverages. Specifically, red wine seems to be the worst.

    I've never been a heavy drinker, but I've been able to handle a fair amount of alcohol in an evening. Since the chemo, I've had at least three cases where after just a glass or two of wine or the equivalent of about two ounces of Irish Cream, I've woken up the next day physically sick and with a whopper of a hangover. Suffice it to say that in the one or two experiences I've had with hangovers prior to this, I'd had far more to drink than one or two glasses. Beer has caused me a very mild effect since the chemo, too, but nothing like this.

    My LFTs and cell counts were a bit off during the chemo, but at my frst check (Sept.) everything was back to normal, so I don't think liver damage is to blame.

    Has anyone else had an effect like this? Any hypotheses as to why?

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