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  • What's Dexadrone?

    What's Dexadrone? Perhaps I'm miss-spelling it. But it's the thing that makes your rectum burn if administered too rapidly. I'm on my 2nd round of BEP regimine and wondering what it does? Tried to find it in my PDR but I think I got the name wrong.
    Thanks in advance!

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    I think what you are getting is decadron which is used to treat nausea during chemo. Burning in the rectum isn't listed as a side effect of that drug but the whole intestinal tract takes a beating during chemo so I wouldn't worry but mention it to the doctor or nurse.
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      Decadron is a steroid. There are many uses for it, as Dadmo posted. When my brother was on BEP it was administered through the IV and on the Sat. after chemo , he would start the pill form and be finished by Tues. or Wed. of the following week. And from what my brothers nurses told him your correct in saying if administered to quickly it may burn the rectum. My brother got a little too comfortable with the nurses and how the meds are administered and since he was the first one at the center, last one to leave, 7 hrs. average on being there, he thought he would try to make the medicine drip go a little quicker to get out sooner, well, you can guess what happened. And the nurses would catch him and they warned him prior, so needless to say my brother now leaves his treatments to the professionals.
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