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3xBep sleeping issues

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  • 3xBep sleeping issues

    Hi all,

    Just started 3xbep this Monday. Day 5 of first cycle and feeing okay.

    I’ve had some issues on Tuesday and Monday due to headaches. I’ve been taking Adderall for a few years and I had thought to stop for chemo but that led to massive headaches so my onc suggested not to stop anything cold turkey since that would be too much. I’m taking 25% what I usually do and will continue to taper down. Adderall has never givien me a sleep issue since I take it so early. If anything I take melatonin and good to go.

    I’ve never been a great sleeper 7 hours max but the addition of the steroids is making it very hard for me to fall asleep and go more than 6-7 hours. Ativan doesn’t work and though xanax does I’m worried about addiction towards it.

    Are there any suggestions from personal experiences? I’m thinking edibles perhaps which I will try this weekend but anything else ? Maybe this is also because this is still week 1 so I’m still fairing okay?

    Thank you. Any advice or venting on this is appreciated.

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    I don't recall having many issues during week one of the first cycle, the weekend after I got a bit queasy & took a few anti-nausea pills. As treatment progressed, though sleeping was never a problem, staying awake was a bigger issue. I tended to drop off anytime I sat down. Everybody is different, I felt worse with each round, others say the first round was the worst for them. Good luck and keep us posted !

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      My sleep pattern didn’t really change during chemo I do remember by the end of the day I would fall asleep fairly early which would cause me wake up early but nothing new. I remained pretty active during chemo which I think helped me sleep well. Also I had no stomach issues and ate like a pig.


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        My husband had the same issue. He was exhausted but couldn't sleep. He was given trazadone which helped some.His doc said ambien would be an option too.

        I wouldn't worry too much about becoming dependent on Xanax. It is generally safe if used for short periods of time and not everyday. I was on it a good part of last year for anxiety and had zero issue with dependence.

        My understanding is that any form of Marijuana can raise HCG markers (not sure how much it would take to raise them though) which might be an issue.

        Hot baths with epsome salts before bed a little exercise could help too

        Best of luck!
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          I would not exercise before bed, my understanding is it raises heart-rate & makes it harder to sleep. Exersise earlier in the day might help.
          Jan, 1975: Right I/O, followed by RPLND
          Dec, 2009: Left I/O, followed by 3xBEP