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Help me find Vepesid please!

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  • Help me find Vepesid please!

    My name is Charles; 29 years old. I had always heard about cancer but had never imagined that one day I will be diagnosed with testicular cancer. I married some 4 years back and have been trying to have a baby but now I say that luckily I don't have any children. The doctor has said that Chemotherapy treatment is better in my case and has prescribed me to take VEPESID. This drug is not available in any of the pharmacies in my locality. I am thinking to buy it online and found a site where the price is lower compared to other online pharmacies. The site is But since I have never bought anything online before, I am a bit reluctant to do so. Could you drop me a note if this pharmacy is legit? Please help me save myself. I really need your help and I don’t want to delay too much in taking the prescribed medicines. The more I delay the worst it will be for me.

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    online pharmacies can be tricky. Usually if they request a script from the doctor, and not one of their own doctors, they are legit. But you should ask your pharmacy if they can order Vepesid for you. I've had to do that before, usually takes 2-3 days for them to get it.
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      Chemotherapy needs to be administered under an oncologist's care, not ordered over the Internet.

      What more can you tell us about your case?
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        I look at your other post and it seems that you may not have visited a urologist or oncologist. Who told you that you have testicular cancer, and if you do who is treating you. You can't do your cancer treatments at home and you certainly can't by the proper medication over the internet.
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