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  • bad taste in mouth

    My husband has very recentl y been diagnosed with tc, had an orchiectomy and emergency chemo (including kidney stent) for abdominal tumors. As I watch him lose upwards of 15 pounds in his two rounds of EP, can anyone help with remedies for the terrible taste in his mouth?

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    hey Jack35,

    welcome to the forum! I'm sorry you have to be here at all.

    I think this is something that so many patients deal with. It also something very individual. For danny, eating something very cold before eating a meal helped. He would have some ice cream, then eat. Or have some ice chips then eat.

    I am also an advocate of a medication called 'marinol' that has truly been Danny's saving grace throughout all of his chemo. BEP got danny very sick. He had zero appetite and dropped pounds very quickly. Zofran, Compazine and Reglan, all anti-nausea meds just weren't doing the trick. Then someone recommended Marinol (a synthetic derivative with a similar property to marijuana in pill form) and it helped control his nausea and stimulate his appetite. He took 1 marinol 5mg and 1 zofran 8mg together every 6 hours during treatment weeks and several days after treatment.

    There is some stigma attached to it, which is nonsense, but I don't know a doctor who would refuse to prescribe it if he thought it could help, and you won't know unless you try. Consider asking your doctor.

    I really think I should start a thread on the benefits of Marinol because I think it help so many and it's not something that everyone knows about.

    Wishing you and your husband well,


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      My husband complained of a metallic taste in his mouth a lot of the time.

      Nothing actually got rid of it, it would go away in a few days on its own, but in the mean time, Italian ices helped, ice pops, and citrus drinks like lemonade and citrus-flavored Gatorades.

      Hope that helps!
      Rob and Stacy
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        Hi there,
        Ditto to everything above, to get rid of the metal taste my brother had, fruits mostly, lemon drops and he craved Friendly's vanilla shakes, I still remember bringing him 2 every night. $8.46 , I have been playing that number since, with no success. Seriously, just keep offering your husband, some of these suggestions, and he will determine for himself. As for the weight loss, that happened as well to my brother, 15lbs or more. as Michael mentioned, my brother too was on all the above including the Marinol, which he was hungry all the time, it did help with the nausea, but he didn't like the way it made him feel.
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