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My 23 year old son has just been diagnosed

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  • wolken
    if the lymph nodes are smaller than 2 cm it's possible that RPLND will be performed and no chemo at all.I would not "rush" into chemo if number of lymph nodes is smaller or equal than 3 and size less than 2 cm ....dont rush , get as mush info as possible.

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  • discodolly
    Thanks for getting back to me. I plan to call his Urologist today and ask to refer us to an Oncologist. I will keep you updated on his progress.

    He read of Jeff's experience with TC on TC Experience and it seem to be like what he is looking at. He is scared but has a good attitude.

    Thanks again,

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  • Jens
    Originally posted by discodolly59
    2 affected lymph nodes in his abdomen.
    100% Embryonal Carcinoma.
    Hi discodolly59.
    Sorry to hear this, but don't wory, your son will be fine.
    I had a somewhat similar thing going on inside me last year and after a biopsy from the enlarged lymph nodes that showed that the cancer had really spread, I had 3 series of the standard TC chemo called BEP (Bleomycin, Etoposide and cisPlatin).
    Just today I got the message that 7 months post-chemo the CT scan, lung X-rays and blood test are all clear.
    And I feel fine too, so even if your son has to down the chemo road, he will also be fine.

    Expert medical help is essential. Don't wait around to long. A TC experienced oncologist is the next step.

    Best wishes

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  • matthias
    If lymph node involvement has been positively identified by CT, I fail to see the need for just another blood work on Feb 17. Even given recuperation reqs after the I/O, your son could be well into systemic treatment ("chemo").

    What's your urologist's reasoning? And yes, get an oncologist involved; preferably one who has had previous exposure to TC.

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  • Scott
    Welcome to the forums! Although some people do prefer not to know all the details, I prefer the Lance Armstrong Foundation's motto, "Unity is strength, knowledge is power, and attitude is everything."

    The first thing he needs to know is that testicular cancer is nearly always cured when it's caught early, and usually even in advanced cases.

    He should definitely be talking to an oncologist now, and reading up here and at the Testicular Cancer Resource Center.

    As for the insurance problem, don't let that be a barrier to getting the treatment he needs. Check this thread for some suggestions.

    Best of luck, and keep posting here with updates and more questions!

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  • discodolly
    started a topic My 23 year old son has just been diagnosed

    My 23 year old son has just been diagnosed

    I'd like some information on what we need to do next.

    My son had surgery on Tuesday to remove his rt testicle. He had a CT Scan and it revealed 2 affected lymph nodes in his abdomen. The pathology report indicated 100% Embryonal Carcinoma. We are from a very small town in Texas and he is currently being treated by a Urologist. The doctor has advised that we wait and run more blood tests on 2-17-06. I would like to know if we should be seing an Oncologist at this point.

    He does not seem to want to know very much about what is going on or what comes next. Is this normal? What should we do?

    The other problem we have is that he was not working at the time and has no insurance. Any advise on this issue would help.

    Thanks for any help.
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