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Just had an orchiectomy

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  • Just had an orchiectomy


    I have just had an orchiectomy on Thursday, still feeling quite a bit of pain but more distressed with the complete lack of information that I have received.

    In my pre appointment I was told that I would have my chest x-ray and CT scans whilst in hospital, and i would get all the results 5 days later.

    I have now been informed that my CT scan will be on the 28th and nobody has mentioned chest x-ray, I have asked the question but keep being informed that if its needed we will let you know.

    I have also been informed that I will not get any results for at least 3 weeks... is this normal? I am in Australia, came out here on a working holiday visa and found the lump. I have always slated the NHS but god I wish I was back in the UK now, at least people tell you whats happening!

    Feeling very worried.

    Anybody experiencing similar results?

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    Hi. Although I expect some of the more knowledgeable members of the forum to address your concerns, I can tell you from my limited experience that your situation sounds a little troublesome. I would think they should have your biopsy results by Monday, and CT scans usually have a 24 hour turnaround. Are you in a rural area?

    You've come to the right place, btw. This site, and the knowledge and helpfulness of its members will arm you with the information you need to make informed decisions. Best wishes.

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      I am in Australia, but from the UK too so have experiences of both health systems (thankfully for lesser ‘conditions’ in the UK). However, I was private here in Aus, are you going through the public system?

      I have to say it seems very long to get your results. Most of my scans etc were available the same or next day depending upon the time of day I had them. I did not have a chest x-ray, maybe they are awaiting the biopsy results to see if its necessary? I had my CT scan before my I/O as well.

      I would question 3 weeks though, even with the public system it is very excessive. I was told a week for my biopsy results but had them back in about 3 days, I do think they over estimate just in case to cover themselves.

      Just keep pushing them for your results and let us know once you get them. Fingers crossed!

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        Sorry to welcome you. Three weeks is too long. They can turn around tests in a few days. Sometimes you have to be a little pushy. Best wishes,
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          I know nothing about the Australian system, but I agree that three weeks is too long. If you make a bit of a pain of yourself, I bet they'll speed it up for you.

          I have never had a chest x-ray alongside a CT scan. They'll probably just give you the CT.

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            Not familiar with the Aussie system either, but I agree with the others to just push hard to speed things up. I didn't have a chest x-ray because the CT covered that. They did both chest and abdominal CT scans on me. If anything shows up in either of those, you'll eventually want to get an MRI of the brain done.
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