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if diagnosed / divorced/ anyone lose custody of child?

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  • if diagnosed / divorced/ anyone lose custody of child?

    My 29 year old brother has surgery scheduled for Tuesday to have a testical removed. He's going through a divorce and has been awarded shared custody ( she lives 1/2 the week with each parent). His soon to be ex wanted full custody but was denied. She is very vindictive that nothing in the divorce proceedings have gone her way. If he has cancer I can see her taking him back to court saying that he will be unable to care for his daughter. He is living with my parents until their divorce is finalized ( he's still paying for their existing mortgage because she refuses to leave or sell the house). Has anyone had any problems with the custody of their children while having cancer? I don't think he should let her know. If their is a way she can exploit it she will.

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    I'm sorry to hear about this difficult situation. The first step is to have the surgery and find out whether any more treatment is required now. If it has been caught early, surveillance may be sufficient.
    Scott, [email protected]
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