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Rupert:Post Op: back pain

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  • Rupert:Post Op: back pain

    Hi guys,

    I had my operation on the 21st of April ( in Spain) and was out of hospital the next day.

    At the moment I am resting and slowly starting to walk. The doctor said the tumour was not small ( but did not specify ) but my tumour markers before the operation were low (3.5). I have appointments for Chest and abdomen x-rays for the 16th of May and see the specialist on the 18th of May for the surgery results.

    The operation was now a week ago. I feel oK but still can only sleep on my back. The past two days I have been getting back pain at the base of my spine? Is this normal ?

    Diagnosed 11/04/06, Left / IO 21/04/06, seminoma stage one (tumor 4.5cms)

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    I believe you hav O/O surgery not RPLND ? We all were very worried after surgery and I personal had pain in abdomen, leg.... almost one year after I/O. I think you have pain also because you were on bed all the time ? It is one week after surgery and when you didn't walk between it is almost normal to have back pain.

    Did you have CT of abdomen before surgery ? Back pain from TC can happend just if you have some large tumor in abdomen, but I suppose your docs checked this before ?

    Seminoma I. stage ,May 2004,Si Deus pro nobis quis contra nos


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      Thanks Alex

      No, I didn't have an x-ray before they removed the testicle. There is no pain when I am up and walking only at night after lying still on my back for 5-6 hours.

      Diagnosed 11/04/06, Left / IO 21/04/06, seminoma stage one (tumor 4.5cms)


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        Hello Rupert,

        I had a Left I/O back on April 13th and I still experience a little stiffness in the lower back plus so discomfort in my groin area on the left side as well. My urologist told me that this was normal and my CT scan was all clear, so I'm not going to worry about it for now. I would follow up on your CT scan to see when its done and request the results right away, just to be sure!!!

        Take care!
        4/11/06 Markers: AFP-41.0 & HCG-88
        4/13/06 Left I/O
        4/19/06 Diagnosed w/ nonseminoma;80% yolk sac, 15% teratoma, and 5% embryonal carcinoma
        5/10/06 Markers: AFP-4.7 & HCG-1
        5/12/06 RPLND surgery @ HUP
        6/19/06 Started 2 cycles of EP
        7/14/06 Completed 2 cycles of EP

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          Thanks. I will. I'm sure it is just the anxiety of waiting for the results etc etc.

          Diagnosed 11/04/06, Left / IO 21/04/06, seminoma stage one (tumor 4.5cms)