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TC books? What I would like to see.

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  • dadmo
    Welcome to the forum. Check out this link for books related to tc.

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  • steven_hedges
    started a topic TC books? What I would like to see.

    TC books? What I would like to see.


    I had an ultrasound on 15/5 which showed a tumour (probably seminoma, according to my GP) and I am due to see the specialist tomorrow. (The reason for the delay was a long-planned family holiday that I didn't want to cancel.)

    Being bookish, one of my first reactions was to see if I could find a book about testicular cancer. (Being a Java developer, another first reaction was to search the net and so find this website.) I was amazed not to be able to find any books specifically about TC.

    So my first request is: what books would you people recommend to read?

    Then I thought that if I couldn't read a book about TC then I could write the book I had wanted to read. This would be a book with the info a cancer patient needed - easily summarised as "what will happen and will it hurt?".

    So I really need your help. What would you like to have read in a book? What should be in such a book?

    This whole project could get frustrated by the consultant tomorrow (suppose I don't actually have TC or suppose it has spread a lot) but I am keen on it now.

    I'm tempted to use ,a href="">this </a> as the title. One gurarantee - no use of the word "survivor".

    Thanks for your (anticipated) help.