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  • Marker levels - AFP

    My hcg is exceptionally low, but I don't understand my AFP level - which was literally handed to me in a corridor in a 10 second meeting with the words 'these are very good'. Then the doctor disappeared.
    I scored '3' on a scale of 1-11.
    Does this mean anything to anyone out there, as I probably won't get a chance to talk to anyone about it for about a week and am sort of curious!

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    It sounds as though in the lab that tested your AFP, from 1 to 11 is the reference range of typically normal values, and your test result of 3 was well within that range. The TCRC says, "AFP is normally less than about 5 ng/mL, but cancer cannot be assumed until it is over 25 ng/mL."
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      Call the clinic. Most Health professionals are happy to ease your anxieties about the numbers; the oncology nurses should be able to explain if the doctors are too busy but it's ok to demand the time to sit and ask questions of your doctors as well.


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        I know that Doctors are very busy but you might want to suggest that your Dr. sit and explain to you the results of the test .. I mean you life is on hold waiting for the results of these test.. I would think tha he/she could take a little more time to explain whats going on... We are not doctors.. please don't speak in clinical terms.. I am paying you to cure me and explain to me ,in a laungage I can understand, how you are going to cure me..... If I understood all the clinical terminology it would probably be because I went to medical scholl, in which case I would not need YOU!!!!!!!!! Food for Thought!!!!
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