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  • diagnosis is opportunity

    Although a diagnosis of cancer will depress you, and make you worry about long term survival, consider this..
    You chance of long term healthy life may be less now, but you can do things to improve your chance to be healthy.
    For example, now I am eating better.
    I am eating more vegetables, less carbs and meat.
    Ex tomato sauce with garlic, carrots & brocolli without pasta or beef.
    Many studies show eating more vege style improves you percent chance to live healthy more than the TC diagnosis diminished it.
    There are also lots of studies on antioxidents in veges and fruits that fight heart disease, prostate cancer etc. Supplements like coq10 etc as well. The jury is still out on these studies. Im not endorsing any of these. Just do some search on your own. Changing to more vege food cant hurt.
    Anyway, try to modify your lifestyle alittle, and you may live longer than if you hadnt got cancer(!?!)

    btw my oncologist said he dosnt believe in those research studies. They are preliminary, and not approved by the FDA. Anyway I have started to eat better to stave off cardivascular disease and prostate cancer etc.
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    Seminoma July 2006; Stage1; 2.8cm; confined to testis without invasion of the tunica albugina; no tumor seen in spermatic cord or epididymis; lympovascular invasion is present; age 49 (its never too late!)