My wife found a lump on the left side, I had an ultrasound on Monday, my 6cm seminoma was removed tuesday, and now I am awaiting a PET-CT on Monday.

The recovery since surgery seemed to go well for first 2 days, maybe it was the meds, but now over the last 72 hrs I have swollen up and for pretty much can no longer walk. I feel like I am caring a grapefruit with road rash between my legs and the back left spot on my left testie has some pain. When i recline the pain is greatly diminished but when i stand up it seems like the blood flows into it and it is very painful.

I have greatly reduced my meds over last 72 hours but I thought that the swelling would decrease over time. I feel like I have a rash all over the region but my wife thinks it is probably nerve pain.

Is there anything I can do to reduce the pain? and has anyone else experienced anything similar? Thank you.