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    Hello all, my name is Scott and I just found out that I have a 3.5cm x 3.4 cm mass on my left testicle. it's amazing how that sorta news can change everything!!! Anyway I had an left inguinal hernia repair in august 2005 with the mesh. Overall this went well although I experinenced some soreness on occassion depending on what I do. Unforuanatley, the post-op hernia pain I feel may have been masking some of my other symptoms. See, ever since my hernia repair my scrotum has- well hung significantly lower on the left so for me to determine how long i've had my problem is very tough. I guess I only noticed the significant size difference 3-4 weeks ago and didn't see the doctor until last week. I had the ultrasound and I knew something wasn't right, the tech gave it away. I've had a lot of testing in the last few days(blood work chest x-rays) and I've got some of this back. My local urologist wanted to perform the orchiectomy today 8-7-06 but I said no. Now don't get the wrong idea I'm okay with the surgery but we live in a small West Virginia town and I don't feel comforable with him doing the surgery. Today I had all three of my doctors and myself contact indiana university medical center because we are only 5 hours away and they treat this stuff by the gazillons!!!. I have an appt to see Dr. Richard Foster in Indy in one week however I am expecting a call in the morning from Dr. birhle's office also at Indiana University to get me in possibly in the next couple of days. I was wondering something, does anyone know how having the mesh will affect the surgical technique? I 'm a little nervous about that and this whole thing for that matter!!! This is a great site thanks for any ideas,

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    I don't know about the mesh and the orchiectomy, but I do know that the quicker you get the cancer out the better...unfortunately this crap grows and spreads really fast. I would prefer to have the more experienced doctor's handle this myself also but I wouldn't wait too long. God Bless.
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      The mesh shouldn't be a problem for the doctors to work around as long as they know ahead of time that it's there. I don't have a problem with you putting of the orchiectomy for a few days as long as you are going to have it done in Indiana, try and make those arrangements. Don't wait until you come back home again, certain components of this cancer can spread rather quickly. The wait of a few days may not make a life or death differance but it can certainly cause you to require chemo if you should have any signs of spread. The sooner the affected testicle is out the better.
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        Welcome, rockytop! As others have said, I hope you'll get the orchiectomy done right away.

        I'm not sure whether the mesh will affect the orchiectomy, but the previous hernia repair surgery may affect the path by which cancer spreads, so you'll need to keep that in mind when discussing treatment options.

        Good luck, and keep us posted.
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          Hi Rockytop:

          The mesh should not be a problem -- just make sure they know it's there, that way there are no surprises.

          I have a big piece of mesh in my abdomen from an incisional hernia repair. When I had to have my gall bladder removed, they just cut right through the mesh, then repaired it as they closed the incision. It might make the orchiectomy last a few minutes longer, but that should't be any concern surgery-wise. Definitely discuss the issue Scott raised regarding potential changes in spread pathways.

          Best wishes.
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