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    Hey guys, im a 25yo guy in Cent. Cali. I was just diagnosed on August 30th. I already had my left testicle removed on August 21st....dang that hurt afterwards, but im able to move my body around now, so no big complaint. Well, I have an appt for my CTscan on Monday the 11th....I was inquiring, since they already took out the testicle, could it be possible that I can be in remission already>!? Or would I still have to get treatment no matter if in remission or still have cancer? I know I will most likely be sent to an Oncologist, but im still wondering. If anyone has some input, that would be greatly appreciated. thx

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    You do need the scans and blood work for the doctors to give you a clear assesment of what stage you are in. The removal of the testicle cures tc patients 70% of the time so you may be finished with treatment. Remember no matter what they find this has a 95% cure rate and you will be fine. Let us know what the doc tells you and maybe we can give some experianced guidance.
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      Welcome, Anthony! Did you get the pathology report? If not, you should ask your doctor for a copy of it. What were your blood test results for AFP and hCG before and after surgery?
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        Welcome Anthony! Scott and dadmo are absolutely right that you need the pathology, bloodwork and CT to see where you are and the next step is. Poke around for info on what the pathology report and markers mean and post the resuts when you get them. Concentrate on healing right now. You will be fine!
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          I will echo what was said above but Also say that in many cases that are caught in the early stages the Orchiectomy is enough to cure you. If so you must continue to follow a strict Surveillance schedule. Best of Luck!!!!
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            Thanks for that info from all of you! I am not good w/ asking questions I should be asking. I do remember that the Urologist told me that my blood levels were high before the surgery and they took more blood after the surgery to find out if it went down, I should get all that info on the 13th, 2days after my CTscan. I will definitely keep informed. thanks.


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              A lot of people freeze up asking questions. ASk for copies of your vloodwork (before and after) CT report and final pathology report so you can have all the info.
              Retired moderator. Husband, left I/O 16Dec2005, stage I seminoma with elevated b-HCG, no LVI, RTx15 (25Gy). All clear ever since.


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                Hey people, I think I have some good news!! I went to my Urologist today and got an update from my CTscan...he said my 'markers' were still a lil high at 26.6(I guess that was my AFP) and still early to tell if would go down since the last blood test was only taken on Sept 30th...and that my HCG is less than 2. He also mentioned that before my removal of left testicle, my HCG was 85. Dr said that most likely will not need treatment, but will be referred to an Ocologist for final saying and some info. My CTscan reported that everything was 'unremarkable', cleared my gullbladder, liver, lymphnods(i dont know how to spell it), etc, all that is all good news, right!? Some ?'s though....does that mean im in remission? Will I most likely just be under surveillance and do some check ups every few months? Thanks


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                  Hi Anthony,

                  I'm sure the folks who know more about it will post, but it sounds
                  like good news to me. Do you know what your AFP was before the I/O?
                  The drop in your HCG is great news. You'll probably get a better answer
                  from the pathology report on the testicle, but so far, it sounds
                  like you're doing great!!!



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                    Fresno Guy...

                    Did you get a copy of your pathology report yet? Have you had a chest xray? Also, try and find out your AFP and HCG levels before the surgery.

                    That is good news about the CT scan. It is possible to be in remission at this point. But answers to the above questions are needed first.

                    See the link below for additional info on the surveillance option..


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                      CT being clear is a great thing now the bloodwork just needs to get back down but that can take a little while so don't be surprised if the cancer doc wants to get another blood test to make sure they are still going down. If you are stage 1 and markers go to normal then you have a 50 to 70% chance of being cured right now. You can go to the main page and there is a link for questions to ask the doctor. Make sure to write down all of your questions before you go in so you don't forget any and take someone with you to the visit it helps a lot.
                      Good Luck
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