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    Hi Everyone.... I have scoured thys forum and others looking for anyone who has had thys type of tumour and found only one person who had died!!! Im very upset.... My husband has thys...he has been told that he has stage 111 Tc seminoma.... but he does not have any tumours in hys testicles... he has a mass behind hys right kidney the size of a small melon (thys is what the Doc said when i asked the size, remarkably the actual size has not been written in hys notes) and he has a lesion the size of a ping pong ball in hys chest... He has been told he will be on BEPx4 ..... Last weekend he landed in ITU because of an infection which was pretty scary.... Can anyone help me here please im so terrified... Incidently the docors didnt tell us that he had thys type of tumour till i put my first thread on here and Scott remarked that what he had ws called Gonadal Tumour and when i asked the doctor he said yes thys ws what George had.... Now im thynking he didnt tell me from beginin because the outlook wasnt so good..... Please help me if you can, any info gladly appreciated.... bless....

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    This type of tc is harder to beat because it does not follow the predicted path when it spreads. You really need to contact an expert, a regular oncologist just doesn't see this that often. Click here for a lsit of experts in the UK. This is important, contact an expert.
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      These extra-gonadal tumors can be more difficult to treat; even though they have the same cell types as typical testicular cancer, they don't start out in the testicle. Take Dadmo's advice and contact an expert. There are many men who have been sucessfully treated and cured of this type of testicular cancer. Sometimes it just takes longer. Also, extra-gonadal seminoma usually responds much better to treatment than non-seminomas. So try to think positively, this can be cured, but do contact an expert - few doctors ever see TC, and your husbands type is even more rare.

      Beest wishes.
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        I hope you've already seen this TCRC page about extra-gonadal germ cell tumors, which includes links to a number of other information sources and reinforces the good news that it's seminoma and the advice to seek out an expert.
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