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  • Biopsy Quesion

    Hello all

    I couple days ago I was diagnosed with testicular cancer.
    Based on ultrasound and blood test my doctor said that it’s seminoma and that I need to remove left testicle.
    I’m just wondering – is he suppose to run biopsy before surgery?
    I’m worried because I had cryptorchism surgery in my childhood and this surgery will probably end my sexual life.

    Thanks for advices.

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    I am no expert

    I have a similar problem, you have not been diagnosed, not yet. The whole removal thing is where the official word will come from. At least that is what I think, but not sure.

    Did they refer you to a urologist?
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      Clyde & Alex:
      Once a soild mass is detected the doctor will remove the testicle. A solid mass is almost always cancer and to do a full biopsy it needs to be sectioned at a lab.
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